Keylogger for Mac

For most individuals and businesses, data deleted permanently by slip of attention happens often. Even a person with expert experience in network cannot avoid it sometimes.

It is reported that Tyler, an employee working in a small company, was recently fired just because of data deleted by mistake. What happened was that Tyler was asked to type out the tapescripts of his boss’s impromptu speech. It cost him only 30 minutes to finish this task, one and a half hour less than he was supposed to. Everything was OK until he was asked to hand in his typescripts. Unfortunately, he carelessly permanently deletes it before printing and nothing can be found while his boss needed it urgently.

Generally speaking, most causes of data loss are attributed to human error, physical malfunctions and hardware failure. With the right support and preventative measures, data loss doesn’t always have to end in disaster. A simple way is to back up your work data onto a secure storage device at any time. In addition to this, another effective way is to use a keylogger to record the activities performed on the computer.

Aobo keylogger for Mac with the features of recording keystrokes, websites visited, and desktop screenshots is so far a prevailing way to get the deleted data back for Mac OS X. This keylogger for Mac is capable of logging every keystroke typed in your computer, including passwords. And it can send the logs of the keystrokes to your E-mail in real time as long as your computer is connect to network.

With this keylogger for Mac on your Mac computer, you needn’t worry data loss caused by slip of attention any more.

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