Keylogger for Mac is a surveillance tool that monitors every single action on a Mac.

Does it happen to you that while you are typing a long post, unexpected refresh happens and all of your hard work is gone? Does your naughty child carelessly kick the power outlet while you are typing the last character of your novel and you lose everything? Do you find that you can’t think of the username and passwords of an important website or E-mail? Take it easy. Aobo keylogger for Mac is out there to help you solve all the above problems.

Aobo keylogger for Mac records every keystroke typed, websites visited as well as desktop screenshots. There are three ways to get the retrieved data while using Aobo keylogger for Mac.

Retrieve data in Emails
After having installed this keylogger for Mac onto the target Macintosh, you will find an option of sending the logs by E-mail. Just check it and set an interval. You will receive the keylogger for Mac logs periodically.

Retrieve data in FTP
Aobo keylogger for Mac
support FTP space. Just check uploading the logs by FTP and set the interval, your FTP data will be uploaded at regular intervals.

Retrieve data in Keylogger logs
Aobo Keylogger for Mac
enables you to backup data by exporting keylogger logs in PDF.

Go to the General tab of the keylogger for Mac; Click View the logs button. All the detailed information of the computer activities will be under your eyes.

Additionally: This keylogger for Mac can only be used in proper ways and it is absolutely not allowed to be utilized for malicious purpose.

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