Password Recorder for Mac OS X

Nowadays Macs are very securely protected, which have a built-in feature that prevents the divulgence of passwords. one way to get some passwords on a Mac computer is to utilize Password Recorder for Mac OS X, such as Aobo keylogger for Mac OS X. Password recorder for Mac OS X is a program that runs […]

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Use a Mac Keylogger to Spy on Your Own Computer

Whenever you are trying to acquire exact details about what other people do on your Mac computer, you may seem to be at the end of your wits. Maybe you’re just searching for websites browsing history, instant text conversations, or details on how your personal computer is used when someone else is on it. If this is just your case then you […]

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Monitor the Activities on Your Computer via Mac Keylogger

Today, you are able to find numerous ways to see what is exactly happening on your Mac computer. One of the easiest ways is to set up a keystroke logger software program for Mac OS X. This type of keylogger for Mac software can track each activity performed in your computer, including screen shots and any actions done on the […]

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Aobo Mac Keylogger for Mac OS X v3.3 Released

Aobo Software, the global award-winning company of Keylogger for Mac software, announced the release of Aobo Keylogger for Mac V3.3 on December 6, 2010. What is Aobo Keylogger for Mac? Aobo Keylogger for Mac is a piece of spy software which targets the Mac OS X platform and can be used to monitor the activities performed […]

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Keep Legal Use of Aobo Mac Keylogger

Aobo Keylogger for Mac, known as keystroke logging and parental control monitoring software, is used to spy on the activities taking place on a Mac computer. These activities can be anything like chat conversations, websites surfed, keystrokes typed, etc. There are many issues about if a keylogger is legal or illegal. In order to make sure that our users […]

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Get Your Child’s Chat History on Social Networking

Today, with computers in almost every home, children have instant access to thousands of people online. It is potentially dangerous for kids befriending strangers online as those people probably turn out to be completely different to who they say they are. Therefore, we need to protect our kids by keylogger for Mac. Lessons have been set […]

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What Does Aobo Mac Keylogger Do?

A keylogger refers to software or hardware which records the inputs typed on a computer or some other device. Sometimes a keylogger can be a piece of malicious software. However the commercial keyloggers (like Aobo keylogger for Mac) do have practical purposes in some special occasions. Aobo keylogger for Mac with the features of recording keystrokes can be […]

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How to Capture Keystrokes on a Mac

Logging keystrokes is one way for you to track activities on your computer. It is also a method used by administrators to track all of the employees’ inputs on the office computers during the working hours. The program which is used to capture keystrokes is a keylogger. A program specially designed for capturing the keystrokes on a […]

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It Is Vital to Monitor What Your Kids Do Online

As our children are growing up, they’re spending more and more time on the Internet. As we all know that the Internet provides a world of possibilities for your young kids. It can not be denied that the Internet brings the tremendous benefits to your family. However, the flip side is that, while the world is at […]

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How Aobo Keylogger for Mac Timer Working?

Aobo Mac Keylogger is equipped with the function to send logs periodically and automatically. This function depends on an Email timer. If the mail tab has been installed correctly, including the Port 587, the test email turns out to be under the normal condition. Tips to ensure the success of receiving Aobo Mac Keylogger emails: […]

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