Powerful Parental Controls with Keylogger for Mac OS X

A keylogger for Apple Mac OS X is a solution that any family using Mac should download. For monitoring children, a keylogger for Apple Mac OS X is essential. The virtual world can be just as dangerous as the real world for children and monitoring them with Mac parental control software is is a matter […]

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Protect Children from Danger by Mac OS X Lion Keylogger

Nowadays, almost every child has access to Internet due to the advance in technology. Being a parent, do you realize the dangers involved while your children are surfing the Internet? Would you like to find a solution that will enable you to exactly understand what your kids are doing with their Mac Lion without you […]

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Best Macintosh Keylogger for Mac OS X

For parents who are in need monitoring software for Mac OS X, best Macintosh keylogger for Mac OS X offers the best solution. “My little son got a iBook for his birthday. Is there any way to figure out where he goes online? A friend told me that there is some keylogger software for Mac […]

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Best Keylogger for Mac OS X

Do you want to keylog your own Mac computer using a keylogger for Mac OS X to see what others are doing? Do you really know if you trust what they’re doing a lot of the times, which means that they could be looking at porn and you would get blamed for it at work? […]

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How to Choose a Right Mac Keylogger

Due to lots of people asking about how to choose a right keylogger for Mac OS X, Aobo expert will offer professional advice about this. 1. Know what a keylogger for Mac OS X is. A keylogger for Mac OS X is keystroke logger most used to protect kids from chatting with predators, monitor visits […]

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How to Monitor a Mac User

Several days ago, Aobo keylogger for Mac OS X ticket system got an E-mail, saying: “I have a question. The kids all have computers now (we all have Macs) and I was wondering if there was a way to check up on them every once in a while. We all have Mac running OS X. […]

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Stop to Catch a Cheating Spouse Using Keylogger for Mac

Today, using keylogger software to catch a cheating spouse online is nothing new. But please note one thing before you decided to use spy software to spy your cheating spouse: it is illegal to monitor your spouse if you didn’t have the permission to do it! So, do not use keylogger for Mac on your […]

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Is It Legal to Monitor Employees?

“Is it illegal for me to monitor my staff’s activity during the work time with a keylogger?” In the UK, this is a question firstly asked by business owners and managers when they consult the lawyer about the labor law about using the monitoring keylogger software. These days, because of the financial crisis, more and more employers are using employee monitoring keylogger software to […]

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Mac Keylogger- the Best Employee Monitoring Software

As a business manager, have you ever felt frustrated in managing your employees? Have you ever used keylogger software to monitor your staff. Let’s take a look at the following three cases about employees managing: Case one: Jessica is working in a small company and recently she is planning to buy a coat online. Every day she will […]

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What You Should Do to Monitor Employees Internet Use

As a business owner, do you feel difficult to make sure whether your staff are using the Internet in a productive way? Today, there are many ways to monitor what your staffs are doing with the office computer. For Mac users, the best way to monitor your employees is to implementing the keylogger for Mac. […]

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