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Internet is a double-edged sword. Although it has benefited our life greatly, it has also brought about enormous harms at the same time, including online fraud, online game addiction and even the immeasurable online affairs. Online affairs are increasingly common these days. According to a recent survey, about 8% to 10% of Internet users have actually become addicted to cyber-sex and one third of divorce litigations are actually sparked by online affairs.

There are many warning signs which can indicate a spouse is developing a cyber-affair.

Sign 1: Strong need for privacy
If someone is conducting an affair online, he/her private information suddenly becomes very important. The spouse may even change his/her password to prevent his/her partner from accessing the computer in case he/her is not around. The spouse may react angrily when his/her partner approaches or disturb him/her while he/she is online.

Sign 2: Change life style, especially sleep patterns
Most people prefer to use the chat rooms at night, so the cheating spouse may stay up late to chat with his/her cyber lover. Going to bed very late or getting out of bed very early in the morning just in order to use the computer may indicate that the spouse is visiting dating sites or chat rooms to contact with cyber lover.

Sign 3: Decline in social activities in real life
As a consequence of spending too much time on virtual life, the cheating spouse will become not as enthusiastic with social activities as he/she used to be. This is also another key point to catch a cheating spouse, which deserves your attention.

The above is just part of signs of cyber affair. To make certain if your spouse is having cyber affair or not, I strongly recommend you to use the cheating spouse monitoring software for Mac OS users- Aobo Keylogger for Mac. It can record not only all the keystrokes typed, but also the Adium/ Aim/ Skype/ MSN/ iChat chat logs of both sides. With this keylogger for Mac, everything will be under your nose.

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