Keylogger for Mac

Do you understand why you should check the web sites employees visited? Visiting internet sites is occasionally risky for the reason that countless websites have spyware. As long as your employees pay a visit to one of them, malwares may be downloaded onto your computer without any notice. Then hackers can easily get your confidential data by controlling the malwares. However, if you have previously monitored your employees’ online activities, you are able to find out where the problem is and this may help to prevent the office computers from getting invaded.

It is easy for you to know which websites your employees have viewed just by installing employee monitoring software such as Aobo Mac keylogger for Mac OS X. This kind of program can record specific online activities of all your office computers, including website visited, instant message chatting, emails and so forth. What you should do is to install this kind of program on every computer or on network server of your company.

As a businessman, you need you know employees’ online activities every time when they are using the office computer. Many companies have policies about how to use the office computers. Your employees are supposed not to do anything else besides their work. If your company doesn’t have the related rules, it is suggested that you should consider carrying out one.

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